[Switch] Can I move data that's in the system memory onto a microSD card?

The answer depends on the type of data.

Save data

Save data (saved game progress and related achievements, etc.) is without exception stored in the system memory. It cannot be moved or saved onto a microSD card.

Software data

If your console system version is 10.0.0 or higher, you can move software data for individual titles via "System Settings" → "Data Management" in the HOME Menu. More details here.

Screenshots and videos

You can copy screenshots and video via "System Settings" → "Data Management" in the HOME Menu.

* You can also copy them via "Albums" in the HOME Menu.

Detailed copying steps

1. Select "System Settings" from the HOME Menu.

2. Select "Data Management" → "Manage Screenshots and Videos".

3. Select "System Memory".

4. Select "Copy All Screenshots and Videos to SD Card".

* Screenshots and videos saved to the internal save memory will be copied to your microSD card.

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