[Switch] Is there a way to check which console I'm monitoring with the Nintendo Parental Controls smartphone app?

The app allows you to check the serial number of the specific console you're currently monitoring.

Check procedure

1. After launching Nintendo Switch Parental Controls on your smartphone, press the "+" icon located towards the top of the screen.

2. Once "Select a Nintendo Switch Console" is displayed, press the "i" icon.

If you are monitoring multiple consoles, please select the one you're interested in.

3. When "About This Console" is shown, you can check the "Serial Number".

Check which of your consoles has the matching serial number.

* When using multiple consoles, we recommend changing "Nintendo Switch Name" to make it easier to distinguish different consoles. (These assigned names are used only within the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app.)

How to check your Nintendo Switch console's serial number

Your console's serial number is on a label found in the position shown below.

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