[Switch] What are the USB ports on the Nintendo Switch dock used for?

They can be used to charge Joy-Con Charging Grips or Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers.

* For details on charging, see here.
* An example showing a Joy-Con Charging Grip being charged
* AC adapter and power outlet configurations may vary by country.

They can also be used to connect wired controllers, such as the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, or other licensed controllers.

For details on how to connect a wired Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, see here. For details on how to connect other licensed controllers, please check the user manual of the device in question.

* An example of charging a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

You can connect commercially available LAN adapters to use wired Internet.

For details on how to make a wired Internet connection, see here.

* An example of a wired Internet connection to a router using a LAN adapter.

You can use a USB keyboard or USB mouse with compatible software.

You can use a USB keyboard or USB mouse with software that supports it. Check with the software author to find out if a keyboard and/or mouse is supported.

* Nintendo cannot guarantee that all USB keyboards / USB mice will be compatible.

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