[Switch] My console gets hot. Is it broken?

Your console may get hot when charging or during use (including when in Sleep Mode). This is not a defect.

If your console becomes hot at other times, please check the following.

Are you using your Nintendo Switch in high ambient temperatures?

If you use your console in a place where the ambient temperature is high, it may become hot. Please use it where the temperature range is 5 - 35 ℃.

Is the air intake or air vent obstructed?

If the air intake or air vent is obstructed, your console may become hot.

Please move your console so there's at least 10 cm of space around the console’s air intake and air vent.

Alternatively, if the air intake or air vent is dusty, use a vacuum cleaner or similar to remove the dust.

* The air intake and air vent of both the Nintendo Switch-OLED Model and Nintendo Switch Lite are located in the same position.

Caution: If your skin remains in prolonged contact with a part of the console that is hot, you could suffer a low-temperature burn.

If you have any concerns, please stop using your console and contact your local customer service centre.

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