[Nintendo Account] What is a Nintendo Account?

A Nintendo Account is an account which you will need in order to use various services provided by Nintendo. You can create one using a computer or smartphone.

* In order to use online features on the Nintendo Switch, a Nintendo Account must be linked with a user account on your console.

Use the "Create a Nintendo Account" button on the Nintendo homepage to create a free account.

  • Users must have an email address and be 13 years or older to create an account. Users under the age of 13 should ask a parent or guardian to create an account first, and then add a child account under that.

  • Your Nintendo Account can be used on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo smartphone app or computer.

  • Linking your Nintendo Account with a user account on the Nintendo Switch will make online features accessible.

  • By linking to a Nintendo smartphone app, you can also back up your save data.

* Different functionality is available depending on the particular app being linked.

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