Discover amiibo, a fun and unique way to
interact with your favourite Nintendo characters and games!

Tap to connect
with your games

Tap an amiibo to your Nintendo Switch™ to make the amiibo character appear in game,
obtain special items and much, much more. A single amiibo can bring a tonne of fun!

How to Connect

Put your characters
in the game

With Splatoon 2...

The amiibo character will appear in the game as support, remembering your preferred outfit and coming to your aid. You can take a snap together to remember the occasion, too!

Pick up character-related
items and skills

With The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild...

You can obtain items related to your amiibo character.

Your amiibo grow!
Watch them develop into
individuals unique to you

With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate...

amiibo characters appear as "Figure Players" that think and fight on their own. Repeatedly battle together, and their dispositions and personalities will change until they become one-of-a-kind characters found nowhere else in the world.

Dozens of characters!

Mario, Link, Isabelle, Kirby... With so many characters from so many series, you're sure to find your favourite!

See the Line-Up

Connect with your Nintendo Switch™

Just tap your amiibo to your console to connect and use with compatible games.

How to Connect
"Read/Write" & "Read-Only"