Adventure Essentials

Press the + Button to open your Pouch. Then, use the R button to navigate to the System Menu, which allows you to confirm the controls.

Press the - (Minus) to view the Adventure Log, which holds your next objective.
Note your destination is indicated by a circle marker on both the map and minimap.

A puzzle got you stumped? Stop, look, and study the area.
The way forward is sure to be hinted at somewhere.
Ask yourself: "If A doesn't work, then what about B?"
You'll come to find that trial and error is extremely important
Note that in many instances, advancing hinges on using items and abilities you just acquired.
Your Pouch also holds helpful information concerning abilities and materials. Use the + Button to access it.

A golem on the Great Sky Island will impart information essential to your adventure—do talk to it.
As not everyone in Hyrule is your enemy, make a point of chatting up any peaceful characters you come across. This is an important avenue to learning crucial details and acquiring new objectives.
If you happen to miss something during an ongoing conversation, simply hit the Y Button to backtrack.
And for particulars you'd rather keep a hard record of, use the Capture Button to take a screenshot.
Moments you've captured can be viewed later via the Nintendo Switch™ system's HOME Menu, under Album.

You never know what adversity awaits. Best be prepared and pick up any materials you come across.
Materials can be gathered in a variety of ways. Inspect tree roots, treetops, catch wildlife, hunt, and more.
You'll especially want to stock up on heart-replenishing varieties, such as Raw Meat and Apples.
Pots and wooden boxes often house items ranging from food to arrows and beyond. Don't be afraid to let loose and smash them!

Here are some combat basics you'll want to master.

  • When a hostile is near, hit the ZL Button to focus on it.
  • Use the Fuse ability to strengthen your weapon.
  • When you're losing hearts, replenish hearts by consuming raw food or cooked meals.

While it's entirely possible to consume raw food you've picked up, you might want to try your hand at cooking it too. All you'll need is a cooking pot, fire, and a couple of ingredients.
Note that cooked dishes result in more hearts.
Furthermore, ingredients with "stam," "spicy," and other such unique descriptors in their name can be used to create dishes with a variety of effects.

  • For example...
  • Energizing Steamed Mushrooms
    Req. Materials: Stamella Shroom, Stambulb
    Effect: Stamina Recovery + Heart Recovery
  • Spicy Sautéed Peppers
    Req. Materials: Spicy Pepper
    Effect: Cold Resistance + Heart Recovery

As meals you've made will be saved in your Recipe Book, always be looking to broaden your culinary horizons.
Access the Recipe Book by hitting the + Button to bring up your Pouch. Then, go to "Food," hitting the X Button to bring up a recipe.
Refer here any time you get a hankering for a dish you've whipped up in the past.

Objects that can be grabbed with the Ultrahand ability can also be joined together.
While grabbing an object, tilt the Right Stick either up or down to adjust height. You can also rotate vertically or horizontally by holding the R Button and then pressing the directional buttons.
Strategically combining objects will often allow you to solve puzzles and unlock new paths forward.
Note joined objects can be disassembled at any time, so don't be afraid of failure, always striving to experiment.

  • How to Disassemble:
  • Grab the structure requiring disassembly using the Ultrahand.
  • Wiggle the Right Stick horizontally.

Fusing materials to your weapons can make them more powerful, in addition to producing a wide variety of beneficial combat effects.
Some will allow you to shatter walls, while others yet will allow you to set fire to things.
Put your unfused weapons to the test, experimenting with as many combos as you can.

Note the Fuse ability can be used with shields—even bows and arrows—resulting in a near endless bevy of creative effects.
Attached materials can be removed at any time.

  • Undoing Fuse:
  • Press the + Button to access your Pouch.
  • Select your desired equipment, hitting the A Button.
  • Lastly, go down to "Destroy fused material," hitting the A Button once more.
  • You will lose the relevant material, so proceed with caution.

If you find your weapons are too brittle, try fusing either a normal or large-sized boulder to them.
This will raise damage potential in addition to durability.
Horns dropped by defeated enemies can also be fused to make weapons hardier.
Not all materials contribute to durability, however. Upon coming across a new material, try fusing it to a weapon to see what happens.

When selecting an object to reverse movement with the Recall ability, time will stand still.
Use this moment's reprieve to carefully select your desired object.
Time will also freeze after using the Ascend ability, while your upper body is peaking out of a surface.
Should you deem the new area you've reached too dangerous, simply use the B Button to return down.