Swap Fire

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Be ever mindful of your spacetime...

Swap Fire's a shooter with a literal twist. Shooting other players rips a hole in spacetime thus swapping your locations. You'll have to commit to losing in order to win in Drop Zone, manage spacetime to dominate the map in Control Point, master the art of teleportation to go for the gold in Swoccer, and much more!

  • Wii U™ exclusive shooter
  • Crazy fun couch multiplayer for up to 5 friends
  • Innovative "shoot to swap" mechanic is just as much about psychology as it is about reflexes
  • Announce the game as the commentator using the Wii U GamePad™
  • 4 tournament cups
  • 9 unique multiplayer modes
  • Narrative driven single player training/puzzle mode
  • Top secret secrets!

The year is 2139. Retro Quantum Industries (RQI) has invented the next wave of transportation. Forget autonomous vehicles, these scientists invented teleportation! Unfortunately, even 2139's technologically advanced citizens are terrified to have their bodies teleported through time and space. After spending billions of dollars on R&D, the company cannot afford commercial failure.

The solution is Swap Fire! A high stakes game show, featuring teenage contestants utilizing RQI's teleportation technology. Sales and usage of consumer grade personal teleporters spiked after the first season of Swap Fire, in which Justin Agitprop was crowned as the Swap Fire Valedictorian. Now, it's time for season two. The fans are eager and the executives at RQI are more so!

Be ever mindful of your spacetime!

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Release date:
November 18, 2016
up to 5 players
Party, Action
Midnight Status
Midnight Status
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