Sun Wukong VS Robot

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Battle robots in this mega mini-metroidvania!

Get ready to run, jump, fight, and explore! Sun Wukong VS Robot is a mini retro pixel metroidvania game inspired by old-school classics. 

Sun Wukong has awakened. Our hero appears at the center of a mechanical maze and is holding the weapon from his legends.

However, he is imprisoned by a mind locker that has been put on his head. To regain his freedom, Wukong must defeat the four robots.


* Classic platformer mechanics.

* Unlock abilities using experience points.

* 3 upgradeable skills.

* Side-scrolling maze with many rooms.

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Release date:
June 11, 2021
1 player
Action, Adventure, Role-Playing, Platformer
Ratalaika Games
Bitca & indienova
Game file size:
266 MB
Supported Languages:
Japanese, French, German, Russian, Chinese, English, Spanish
Supported Play Modes:
TV mode

TV mode

Tabletop mode

Tabletop mode

Handheld mode

Handheld mode

ESRB Rating:

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