Spellcaster's Assistant

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It's time to hit the books and clean house!

You are Emmy Epheremelda, a sorcerer in training/magical assistant. Your master is out on a mission and has left you in charge. All was fine and well till these annoying Tomeverme showed up and decided to wreck the magical library! It's up to Emmy to do away with these nuisances before Master shows up! And remember, it wasn't your fault!

  • Use magical tomes to cast unique spells!
  • Defeat enemies with the power of spellcasting!
  • Explore over 30 levels of the magical library!
  • Try to get the highest score possible!
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Release date:
March 29, 2018
1 player
Arcade, Action
Ultra Dolphin Revolution
Ultra Dolphin Rev
ESRB Rating: