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Talking is hard.

Do you have a vague understanding of human interaction? Well this is the game for you!
Your mission is simple: Infiltrate a world of extremely trusting humans, speak to them, and convince them that you’re definitely not a robot.

The disgusting art of human speech is a mystery us. Somehow, just by waving a wet tongue around and stretching your lips a bit, words come out.

Just how does this work? We don’t know. But in this simulation you will have to learn quickly if you don’t want your face to explode.

Beware: if you make errors, your systems will overload and your AI will be forced to relieve pressure by triggering one of the huge array of facial explosions and mechanical glitches. Sorry, but in this economy we had to cut some corners with your safety features.

As you upgrade your technology, you must learn to smile when something is happy, and frown when something is sad. Eye contact is important too, as humans find it suspicious if you look unceasingly into their eyes with a wide smile as they tell you a tragic story.

Game Features
Make your way through 10 different social scenarios such as job interviews, eulogies, doctor examinations, and romantic conversations.

Upgrade yourself with the latest in social technology. Learn to smile, raise an eyebrow, and awkwardly glance away from eye contact, just like in real life.

The most realistic gibberish system ever seen in gaming. Play within a dynamic audio system that reacts to tongue and mouth movement.

Replayability: With a huge array of different failure facial explosions, every conversation is hilarious and unique.

Fantastically beautiful tongue graphics. Finely tuned spit particles.

Adaptive soundtrack which changes as you enter different parts of your conversation.

Highly polished dialogue and delightful narrative.

Degrade yourself by partaking in human dancing.

Customize your robot to make it feel like your own.

A surprisingly good portrayal of social anxiety.

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Release date:
January 30, 2020
1 player
Indie, Simulation
Affable Games
Affable Games
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811 MB
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TV mode

TV mode

Tabletop mode

Tabletop mode

Handheld mode

Handheld mode

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