Sonic Lost World

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Rise Against The Deadly Six.

When the Deadly Six threaten to destroy his world, Sonic’s new moves & power-ups are the only way to defeat them before it’s too late!

In his latest plot to defeat Sonic and rule the world, Dr. Eggman has harnessed the power of six menacing creatures known as the Deadly Six. However, when the Deadly Six rise up against their new master, Sonic must unite with his arch nemesis Eggman and explore the mystical Lost Hex in order to take them on head-to-head. Use Sonic's amazing new moves & incredible Color Powers to speed across a variety of unique terrains, racing inside, outside & upside down in every level.

Available now! Download for FREE the latest DLC for Sonic Lost World. In The Legend of Zelda™ Zone, Sonic takes on a new quest, wears a new outfit, and explores a world inspired by one of Nintendo's greatest characters. Sonic will speed across the land wearing Link's iconic green tunic while the hero himself flies on his Loftwing from Skyward Sword. Classic Zelda locations, such as Hyrule Field and Dodongo’s Cavern, were the inspiration for this downloadable content.

Download for FREE the Yoshi’s Island-themed level for Sonic Lost World! Featuring iconic enemies like Piranha Plants and Shy Guys, explore hidden routes and areas to find eggs and save Yoshi.

In-game content available for purchase using stored account funds.

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Release date:
October 29, 2013
up to 2 players
Action, Adventure
Sonic Team
ESRB Rating: