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Enjoy a small collection of three solitaire card games, the classic klondike, tripeaks and spider solitaire in a simple and cartoony art style.

Enjoy a relaxing solitaire card game in a cartoony art style and play one of the three solitaire card game variation. Enjoy the game as a beginner or an expert as you can  choose between three difficulties. As a beginner you can play with only one suite or chose the expert mode and play the classic ruleset. Enjoy a relaxing and entertaining solitaire card game for everyone.

Solitaire Card Games is a small collection of three solitaire card games, namely the classic klondike variation, the tripeaks and the spider solitaire game.

The game is presented in a cartoony and simple art style to let you enjoy the different card games in a simple way.


Features :

- Three difficulty modes

- Three different card game variation

- Highscores and other stats

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Release date:
May 13, 2021
1 player
Other, Puzzle, Board Game, Arcade
Kistler Benjamin
Benjamin Kistler
Game file size:
78 MB
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Supported Play Modes:
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TV mode

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Tabletop mode

Handheld mode

Handheld mode

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