Slime Slayer

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Experience Pixel Prime FPS, 8-Bit 3D!

Have you ever wished that old school 8-Bit games could pop to life into a 3D world? Thus is the inspiration for Slime Slayer!

Slime Slayer is a Pixel Prime FPS, 8-Bit 3D, procedurally generated, rougelike dungeon crawler.

Dare to sing along with the trailer song:
Slime Slayer. Slime Sla-a-a-a-yer!
First you find the sword,
Then you slay the slime,
Then you slay more slime!
When you slay - the last slime,
Find the exit - before you're out of time!
Or you're finished.
Slime Sla-a-a-a-yer!!!

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Release date:
October 10, 2019
1 player
Action, Adventure, First-Person
Famous Gamous
Game file size:
30 MB
Supported Languages:
ESRB Rating: