Sinister Assistant

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Something sinister is coming this way... and it’s you!

You are Emuela, a master wizard who likes to hold back her own strength to give her foes a “fighting chance.” She is on a quest. For what? No one knows. But we do know there will be (minor) destruction and property damage along the way. In this world, encounter familiar and new enemies that will stand in your way on your quest for… Goddess knows what! Travel through different worlds and encounter dangerous creatures in Sinister Assistant.

Defeat enemies with the power of dark spellcasting!

Explore 8 chapters of the Emuela's story!

Try to get the highest score possible!

Discover secrets and familiar faces!

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Release date:
February 14, 2019
1 player
Action, Adventure, Arcade
Ultra Dolphin Revolution
Ultra Dolphin Rev
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