She Dreams Elsewhere

Available TBD

Welcome to your coma - enjoy your stay!

She Dreams Elsewhere is a surreal adventure RPG about dreams and the extent to which they mirror reality. You play as Thalia, an anxiety-ridden, comatose woman on a journey to defeat the nightmares preventing her from awakening, while also finding out how exactly this mess happened in the first place.

But some nightmares are harder to confront than others…


  • A deeply personal narrative with a thematic focus on emotions, mental health and self-identity
  • A surreal, visually-striking world brimming with mystery that begs you to explore its every detail
  • A stylish, deceptively simple turn-based battle system that pits you against a variety of nightmarish foes
  • Customize your characters with the "Charm" system, allowing for a wealth of different playstyles and battle strategies
  • Connect and bond with a charming cast of characters with their own intimate narratives via the "Connection" system
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Release date:
To be determined
Role-Playing, Adventure, Indie
Studio Zevere
Studio Zevere
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