SCOOP! Around the World in 80 Spaces

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Global news and strategy as you cover the world. SCOOP! is competitive, territorial and fun.

SCOOP! Around the World in 80 Spaces combines global strategy with trivia-based gameplay. Spread your TV network across the globe while opening news bureaus from Texas to Kyoto. Want to go to Paris, Brazil or Illinois? You decide where and how to cover the world!
• With 80 territories to choose from, 2500 questions cover everything from movies and food to culture and history; SCOOP! is accessible to everyone yet will challenge even the most seasoned reporter. 
• Play with your friends, or enjoy robust single player options that keep the action fresh with many surprising twists. 
* As you cover the globe, be sure to catch the humorous breaking stories at the bottom of the screen.

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Release date:
June 13, 2019
up to 4 players
Board Game, Education, Other, Strategy
BNC Design Studios
BNC Design Studios
Game file size:
276 MB
ESRB Rating: