Scandal In The Spotlight

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You're already... our accomplice.

The Story:
The ultimate long-running boy band, Revance.

One night you attend their after-concert party and receive a mysterious invitation from the guys in the band!
They drop a bombshell!
Their lyricist has gone missing and they want you to fill in.

You start a new life with these singers... and begin the deception of millions of fans.

Kyohei Rikudoh "Confident, Sexy"
Iori Enjo "Sadistic, Twisted Prince"
Kota Igarashi "Capricious, Sour Yet Sweet"
Nagito Aoshima "Dominant, Dirty-minded"
Takashi Ninagawa "Clever, Mysterious"

Includes "Main Stories" in the app "Love 365: Find Your Story," up until Season 3 "Give Me Forever: His PoV."

*Nagito Aoshima includes up until Season 3 "Give Me Forever."

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Release date:
March 25, 2021
1 player
Game file size:
1.5 GB
Supported Languages:
Japanese, English
Supported Play Modes:
TV mode

TV mode

Tabletop mode

Tabletop mode

Handheld mode

Handheld mode

ESRB Rating:

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