Psycho Pigs

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Bombing action! Arcade gameplay

Psycho Pigs is a arena based bombing action game remake of the 1987 classic Jaleco game!

There are a wide variety of bombs and power up items that you can use to ham it up!

'Hit and don't get hit' is the aim of the game so use the arena's properties to your advantage, such as hiding in the bushes to sneak up on your foes.

  • You can play versus up to 4 players in local or online action!
  • Cooperative play is possible with 2 players in local and online.
  • A tournament is also available to test your skills!
  • Collect the various customizations and development materials!
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Release date:
October 06, 2016
up to 4 players
Rising Star Games
Bergsala Lightweight LLC
Game file size:
81 MB
ESRB Rating: