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Multiplayer support for up to four players! This is a "belt-scrolling" x "free exploration" action game.

A world where monsters are rampant.
The overwhelming numbers and power of the monsters threaten the survival of the human race.
Then, he hears a rumor about dragons.
The dragons have found the frontier and have moved in.
Indeed, they have suddenly disappeared.
To save the humans, the journey to find the legendary dragons begins!

【Game Overview】
Multiplayer support for up to 4 players!
This is a "belt-scrolling" x "free exploration" action game.
Use each character's individuality to solve the gimmicks hidden in the map and defeat the "Ancient Dragon", the final boss of all five stages!
Some characters will be released by clearing specific conditions!

・Swordsman (Falmer)
Good balance of attack, defense, and movement speed.
He has a good balance of attack, defense, and movement speed, and can use attacks with his sword and his unique "Backstep" skill.

・Warrior (Grite)
A power hitter who unleashes high-powered attacks with his axe.
Her unique skill, "Rotate Attack," changes the number of rotations depending on how long you hold down the button.

・Archer (Elsa)
Performs long-distance attacks with a bow and arrow.
By pressing and holding the button for the third time in a normal attack, you can use a piercing attack and the unique skill "Aerial Attack.

・Ninja (Ran)
The ninja's attack speed and movement speed are fast, but its attack power is low.
The unique skill "Jump" allows you to attack while jumping.

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Release date:
April 01, 2021
up to 4 players
Action, Arcade, Role-Playing, Multiplayer
Gotcha Gotcha Games
Game file size:
286 MB
Supported Languages:
Japanese, English
Supported Play Modes:
TV mode

TV mode

Tabletop mode

Tabletop mode

Handheld mode

Handheld mode

ESRB Rating:

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