Physical Contact: 2048

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Physical contact: 2048 is a casual but head-minded game that aims at higher values by coalescing the same blocks in the region.

For better grades, polite operation is necessary.

It is a game series where two people can play against each other.

Any two partners, including parents, friends and lovers are suitable.

Because it is simple and has rules that everyone knows, you can enjoy the game immediately.

If you use the handicap function, you can level the playing field.

Because the match times are short, you can play anytime and anywhere whenever you feel like it.

Of course there is also a single-player mode.

Please enjoy it together!

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Release date:
November 02, 2017
up to 2 players
Action, Puzzle, Simulation
Collavier Corporation
Game file size:
90 MB
ESRB Rating: