Parking Star 3D

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This is a leisure game that simulates real parking.

It's a parking game. Your goal is to become the "Park Star". So you have to park the car as quickly as possible without damaging and avoid other cars.

Tokyo Tower, Louvre Museum in Paris, Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai and Tienanmen Square!

In Parking Star , you can enjoy all these famous scenes in great cities by driving.

This is a leisure game that simulates real parking. Use your accomplished driving skills to park at specific locations as fast as possible.

With bonus for passing a level, you can update your vehicle, or just buy a brand new luxurious car!


  • 5 city levels including Beijing, Dubai, Paris, Tokyo and New York
  • 40 maps of different sceneries for your exploration
  • 4 types of vehicles, each with their unique abilities
  • 7 types of colourful paint job for your choice
  • Replay any unlocked level for earning more stars and spend them on your cars for higher performance
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Release date:
May 07, 2014
1 player
CIRCLE Entertainment
CIRCLE Ent. Easytech
Game file size:
37 MB
ESRB Rating: