One Strike

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"We have been unable to put this game down since it landed on our Switch." - nintendolife.com review 8/10

Become the deadliest fighter in a vintage Japan!
Only one strike settles the duel, master the fighting style of each warrior to outsmart your opponents.

Challenge your friends or the AI in easy, medium or hard mode.

7 fighters in medieval Japan:
• Kenji the honorable samurai and his katana
• Hinode the ninja striking her Sai weapons at the speed of light
• Soujirou the monk wielding his long-range Nodashi
• Hangaku the fastest girl in the East with her Kusarigama
• Bailong the Chinese veteran and his proud Kwan dao
• Tomoe the killer with her sharp Wakizashi
• Oni the demon with his massive Tetsubō

4 modes:
• One Life: just like in real life, you've got only one
• Arcade: you get 5 lives to train with your character
• Team Duel: put together your best team of 3 warriors
• Tournament: up to 8 players (AI or real person) fight for the final victory!

The game lets you consult your achievements at any time.

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Release date:
Jun 08, 2018
up to 2 players
Fighting, Updates, Arcade, Multiplayer
Game file size:
314 MB
Supported Languages:
Supported Play Modes:
TV mode

TV mode

Tabletop mode

Tabletop mode

Handheld mode

Handheld mode

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This game supports:

Individual DLC

One Strike: Rise of Dragons


Rise of the Dragons DLC will add 3 new fighters to the game, alongside 3 news stages and 3 new amazing chiptunes.

New Fighters:

Dragon - He is an experienced ninja that has the ability to became invisible to get close undetected and also the ability to toss shuriken at long distances, making him a tough opponent to beat. He also is very agile and can close and expand distances from his opponents.

Daiyu - Coming all the way from China to prove herself in Japan, Daiyu is the master of the Hook Swords, a deadly weapon that allows her to create different range attacks and put pressure on her enemies with ease.

Lotus - Also coming from the land of the dragons, Lotus is an agile all-around fighter, master of the war fans. Even though her range is short, Lotus can move in and out quickly and is fast enough to avoid enemy attacks, creating openings for her light fast attacks with her unusual weapon.