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Reader Rabbit - Kindergarten

While soaring through the sky in their fabulous Dreamship, Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion notice an unusual island in the waters below. As they swoop down for a closer look, a strange object shoots up from the island and begins to wrap up the ship. Forced off the Dreamship, they find themselves in a new land called Balloon Town. To get their Dreamship back, players must help Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion collect 5 musical instruments to wake the sleeping Bull that guards the palace where the ship is kept. Complete a variety of mini-games to collect the instruments so your friends can continue on to their next adventure.

• 8 educational mini-games
• Multiple difficulty levels for each mini-game that can be changed at any time • Full video cutscenes & voice acting throughtout game
• Simple controls using Wii Remote

Teaches basic Kindergarten skills including pattern recognition, memory matching, reading comprehension, & rhyming, plus basic phonics & math.

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