Mordheim: Warband Skirmish

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Clash with other Wyrdstone hunting warbands in the ruins of Mordheim

Set during a brutal civil war, command a small fantasy warband searching for valuable shards of the comet that destroyed the city of Mordheim. Multiplayer turn-based arena strategy right at your fingertips, you’ll have the freedom to play how YOU want to play. Hide in the shadows and wait for the right moment to strike, get a vantage point and pick your targets off with ranged weapons, or bring the fight straight to your opponent in an up close and personal confrontation, the choice, is yours!

This is Legendary Game’s adaptation of Games Workshop’s classic table top game: Mordheim, set in the Warhammer world. Beware all who enter Mordheim the Old world is brutal and it doesn’t get more dangerous than a ruined city teaming with rival warbands and monstrous horrors. A core game feature is a permanent death and permanent injury. Players must prepare for death, destruction and disability. You will need to dismiss warriors from your band that get too badly injured and sometimes you may need to disband a warband completely and start again.

From release four factions are available: Three human mercenary factions: Reiklanders, Middenheimers, and Marienburgers each with different traits and play styles and the Skaven – Skulking sinister rat-men who need Wyrdstone to thrive. Can you harvest more Wyrdstone from Mordheim than your rivals to fuel your master’s war effort?

More factions will follow as DLC, including:

• Undead – Agents of the Vampire Counts, helping their bid to control the living
• Witch Hunters – Agents of the Grand Theogonist who will immolate first and ask questions later
• Sisters of Sigmar – The only faction with remotely honourable intentions
• Cult of the Possessed – Men who have turned to the dark powers for salvation

Key Features:
• Tactical turn-based gameplay with incredible action sequences
• Recruit, customise and train your Warband
• A rich, powerful and immersive fantasy world
• Multiplayer online – you will go up against another player’s Warband
• Continuous planned updates, including extra content and map variations. Live PvP will be in an early update.
• “Graphic novel” art style with a grim undertone perfectly setting the scene of the harrowing city of Mordheim

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Release date:
November 26, 2018
up to 2 players
Strategy, Role-Playing
Legendary Games
Legendary Games
Game file size:
1.6 GB
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Supported Play Modes:
TV mode

TV mode

Tabletop mode

Tabletop mode

Handheld mode

Handheld mode

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This game supports:

Individual DLC

Witch Hunters


The Order of the Templars of Sigmar, known as the Witch Hunters, is dedicated to the eradication of heretics, warlocks, witches, sorcerers, fortune-tellers, necromancers, worshippers of the dark gods, deviants, mutants, blasphemers, sinners, utterers of profanities, servants of Daemons, or composers of corrupting music... Indeed, there are few who altogether escape the suspicions of the Witch Hunters.

Undead Warband


For many long years the vampire lord has gathered his strength and mustered his Undead legions in secrecy. One day soon he will march at the head of an army of restless dead.

You control a Necromancer or Vampire with a warband made of human dregs, ghouls, zombies and direwolves. Search for the pieces of magic stone that lie scattered among the ruins of Mordheim as this will give your dark master the power to challenge the nobles of the Empire and enslave the men of the Old World.