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Customize a cast of Mii characters

Create unique Mii characters of anyone you’d like—from your best friend to your grumpy uncle—and assign them roles.

Use wigs and makeup to bring Mii characters to life.

Cast them in a wide range of roles, including as teammates, royalty, or even the Dark Lord!

Share and receive Mii characters online** with friends.  

Have fun as a team

In the world of Miitopia, relationships are key. Spend time with allies to become a close-knit team that helps each other out. If you can’t get along, your quest may suffer for it!

Pair up your team of Mii characters at inns to build their relationships and see personality-packed interactions. You may hear some hot gossip on grandma—or find your best friend and mom doing pushups!

Outings let you send character pairs on bonding experiences at the beach, a café, and more.

You can set the personality trait for the Mii characters in your team and assign them fun jobs that will determine their approach to battle.

Help wanted

Check out some of the jobs you can assign to members of your team! There are plenty more to discover, too.


An all-around sword swinger with equally sharp attack and defense skills.


Able to dish out healthy cures to friends and spicy wallops to enemies.

Pop star

This triple threat is great for boosting team morale via song, dance, and battle.

Stable friendship

Whether you need a friend, confidant, or brawler, your trusty horse can do it all! Enlist this four-hoofed wonder on your journey and foster its friendships with the rest of your team. You can even customize its mane, tail, saddle, body type, and more.

Adventure awaits

Be sure to keep an eye out for exciting and helpful opportunities around the kingdom. You never know what you’ll find!

Explore towns, forests, castles, and more. Choose your path wisely—and be on the lookout for treasures.

Pick up quests and help the locals as you visit new towns and castles. Perhaps a face needs saving, or a quiz needs taking?

Don’t fight on an empty stomach! Eat Grub to boost the stats of your team members. Baddies might drop Grub when defeated, so be sure to scoop it up.  

Bring your buds into battle

Teamwork makes the dream work! Duke it out together in turn-based encounters on your way to defeating the face-snatching Dark Lord.

Take on outlandish, hilarious baddies to gain experience and level up your team.

In battle, you decide how you want to spend your turn. Your teammates will decide for themselves.

As your characters build relationships, they can learn skills like “lend a hand” to help each other out in a scrap. Your trusty horse can even lend a hoof!

Better than ever

Revisit this side-splitting adventure on the Nintendo Switch system with all-new fun!

Try for free

Create and share* Mii characters, cast them in funny and unexpected roles, and begin your adventure in the free Miitopia game demo.

You can even carry over your progress to the full game, once purchased.

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More fun with amiibo™

Receive Mii character outfits when you tap a compatible amiibo*** figure. Tap other compatible amiibo figures to receive Game Tickets. Redeem your Game Tickets in the Arcade for a chance to earn in-game rewards like Gold, which you can use to buy stat-boosting costumes and items for your Mii characters.

Release date:
May 21, 2021
1 player
Adventure, Role-Playing
Game file size:
3.1 GB
Supported Languages:
Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Dutch, Chinese
Supported Play Modes:
TV mode

TV mode

Tabletop mode

Tabletop mode

Handheld mode

Handheld mode

ESRB Rating:

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