Available Now Coming Apr 22, 2008
Disney's Cory in the House Box Art

Disney's Cory in the House

Nintendo DS
ESRB: Everyone
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Stop The Evil Toymaker from taking over Washington D.C.!

Enter Cory's wacky world and help retrieve his prize winning Presidential bobble heads that have been stolen by an evil toymaker. Help save the residents of Washington D.C. before the bobble heads brainwash them with the hypnotic technology implanted inside! You'll need stealth maneuvers, cool gadgets and quick thinking to navigate the city, sneak past security guards and cameras, and stop the evil toymaker from taking over D.C..


• Use gadgets such as an oil slick pen and memory loss spray.
• Navigate Buzzy the Spy Fly to access restricted areas.
• Rock out with the D.C. 3 band and play some jammin' tunes!

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Nintendo DS
Release Date
Apr 22, 2008
No. of Players
2 players simultaneous
Action, Adventure
Disney Interactive
ESRB: Everyone
Comic Mischief
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