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Imagine Fashion Designer World Tour

Become an international fashion star!

Design the next big thing in fashion and travel the world to build it into a worldwide fashion label. Create unique fashion collections; even use the Nintendo DSi™ to take pictures and apply them to your designs! As a young designer, launch your international brand, open boutiques around the world, and design the hottest, most wanted fashion in the world!


• Travel the World – Promote your fashion brand all over the world as you set up runway shows, photoshoots, and celebrity endorsements
– Open boutiques in iconic fashion cities, promote your brand by taking part in local fashion events.
– Dress the hottest celebs in your designs and be seen on the red carpet.
• Design your Brand – Create a fashion collection under your own label.
– Choose your brand name and customize your own logo from a variety of fonts, backgrounds, and colors.
– Design amazing collections of different themes, you can even take pictures of patterns in the real world and apply them to your designs with the Nintendo DSi.
– Go shopping - Accessorize with shoes and jewelry, hats and purses.
• Become a Fashion Expert – Become a world famous fashion trends expert as you travel the world looking for the hottest fashions.
– Dress models all over the world, makeup, nails, hair, and fashion.

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