Funfair Party Games

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Multiplayer fun at the fair with movement control and eleven amazing attractions!

Use your Mii to play live multiplayer games or master all the attractions in single player mode and beat the international high scores. In addition to classic control options, you can move your Nintendo 3DS to take aim at targets with your gun or control the circle of hot wire in arcade mode. You can also throw darts, basketballs and more by imitating the realistic movement with the Nintendo 3DS. Sound crazy? That's because it is - and a ton of fun to boot!

These attractions are waiting for you:

  • Balloon Burst
  • Basketball
  • Camel Race
  • Duck Fishing
  • Hot Wire
  • Claw Crane
  • Ball-In-The-Glass
  • High Striker
  • Can Knockdown
  • Shooting Gallery
  • Ball Roll


  • Experience a new, totally rad movement control system
  • 2 control options: Arcade (movement control) and Classic (with buttons and stylus)
  • 4 game modes: Single Player, Multiplayer - Local Game, Internet or Hot-Seat
  • For up to 4 players
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Release date:
Aug 22, 2013
up to 4 players
Party, Sports, Arcade
Game file size:
548 Blocks
ESRB Rating: