Fallen Legion Revenants

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Seek Vengeance through Steel and Secrecy

The world is covered in miasma, and the remnants of mankind have taken refuge in a floating castle ruled by a madman. Swap between the charismatic politician Lucien and the vengeful ghost Rowena, and make political maneuverings in the castle above as you fight off monsters in the wasteland below.

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Release date:
February 16, 2021
1 player
Action, Role-Playing, Adventure
NIS America
Game file size:
1.6 GB
Supported Languages:
Supported Play Modes:
TV mode

TV mode

Tabletop mode

Tabletop mode

Handheld mode

Handheld mode

ESRB Rating:

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This game supports:

Individual DLC

Fallen Legion Revenants: BlazBlue Exemplar Costume Bundle


A set of 12 costumes that turn your party into the cast from BlazBlue.
- Aleister Costume
- Jacquine Costume
- Burgundy Costume
- Zulfiqar Costume
- Valeria Costume
- Orion Costume
- Solomon Costume
- Marius Costume
- Kali Costume
- Evania Costume
- Grimwald Costume
- Dardanelles Costume