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Nanostray is an intense, pulse-pounding 3D Shooter designed exclusively for the Nintendo DS. Supporting touch screen input, wireless play and dual screen support, Nanostray's arsenal of weapons, non-stop action and beautifully designed environments make this game one of the most exciting and innovative 3D shooters ever.

• Upgradeable weapons and sub-weapons, boasting tons of fire power to decimate you enemies.

• Touch screen features such as boss scanning, on-the-fly weapon management and a live radar.

• 8 stages to conquer; battle through environments like dense jungles, asteroid fields and hell-like lava fields.

• Unlockable features and game modes add re-playability once players complete their campaign.

• 2-player head-to-head wireless link functionality.

• From the creators of the "Iridion" Game Boy Advance series.

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