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Asphalt Urban GT

Players have the option of tweaking their vehicles with more than thirty different options to squeeze out as much performance as possible. The action primarily takes place on the upper screen, showcasing the game's advanced 3D graphics viewable from three distinct camera angles. There is even a replay feature so players can relive specific moments in the race. The lower screen provides details on the player's progress, as well as strategic options that will give players the advantage against their track rivals. Also included: wireless four-player multiplayer, single race, championship, and cop chase.

Asphalt Urban GT is the hot new racer for your Nintendo DS. Hit the streets at night for the most thrilling and varied racing action you can experience. Trick out your car to earn serious cash, then use it to get upgrades as you race against the best. Race against your friends through the wireless port, or chase them down and catch them behind the wheel of a cop car! Intense, high-speed multiplayer modes like Time Attack, Championship (both for 2-4 players) and Cop Chase (2 players)

  • 20 different, licensed cars
  • Nine tracks inspired by real-world locations
  • Wireless connectivity for up to five racers
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