Collateral Thinking

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Collateral Thinking is an arcade-style action platformer for Wii U™ that's all about beating up alien ghosts, recovering blueprints, and rescuing billionaires on a tight schedule (and budget). Each level is a self-contained screen that gives you one of three specific tasks to complete in 30 short seconds – to "Avoid" all the hazards, to "Bust" all the enemies, or to "Collect" all the blueprints. These quickfire challenges force you to quickly survey your surroundings and then jump into action in order to progress through the 100+ floors and net as much cash as possible along the way. Collateral Thinking takes the single-screen management of yesterday's classics and then cranks up the speed and the absurdity by 100 for unpredictable, impulsive action! With over 100 levels, three playable characters, and a ton of toe-tapping tunes, Collateral Thinking is more than ready to satisfy your arcade addiction!

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Release date:
August 18, 2016
1 player
Action, Adventure
Astrosaurus Games
Astrosaurus Games
ESRB Rating: