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Pet Pals: Animal Doctor

Pet Pals: Animal Doctor invites players to step into the challenging world of veterinary medicine as they diagnose and treat 30 different medical cases created by real-life veterinarians. All on your very own Nintendo DS with touchscreen control.

In Pet Pals: Animal Doctor, players will learn the techniques required to diagnose and treat 23 different pets, including a Yorkshire terrier, python, turtle, parakeet, rabbit, Siamese cat and hamster. To do so, players must successfully administer more than 40 Touch Screen tests while interacting with stressed patients and concerned pet owners. Medical cases range from hairballs to infections and broken bones. After the treatment is complete, players can tend to their recovering patients by cleaning their environment, and feeding and playing with them until they're all better.

  • Use the touch screen to administer 40 tests on animals

  • Examine and treat 23 different animals including Yorkshire Terriers to pythons

  • Perform perfect treatments to earn trophies

  • Question distraught pet owners to learn crucial patient background information

  • Learn about animals through mini-games played on the office computer
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