Available Now Coming Sep 22, 2009
Astrology DS Box Art

Astrology DS

Nintendo DS
ESRB: Teen
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The Stars in your Hands

We all want to know our destiny, choose partners wisely, avoid problems in love, health, and business, and secure our happiness. By combining astrological theory with unique gaming elements, Astrology DS is the definitive tool for all who care about their future. Featuring daily horoscopes, a romantic partner compatibility matrix, and a zodiac sign learning academy, it is the first comprehensive astrology title for DS. Plus, lifetime horoscopes supplement daily advice by providing insightful long-term guidance. Finally, Nintendo DS-optimized games, puzzles, and quizzes round out the gameplay and create further replayability.

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Nintendo DS
Release Date
Sep 22, 2009
No. of Players
1 player
Life Training, Infotainment
Deep Silver
Sproing Media GmbH
ESRB: Teen
Sexual Themes
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