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Crazy Hunter

Mad about the ...Hens that lay the golden eggs. Now this is true madness!!!


Capture the hens that lay the golden eggs that are scattered around the world.


By creating a giant tower tall enough to reach the clouds where the hens are.

How to build the tower?

Firstly: you must knock over some goats that rest on candy-made platforms scattered along the river.

Secondly: fish out the goats you have knocked into the water.

Finally, and this isn't easy, stack the captured goats one on top of the other until you make the tower and can reach the hens that lay the golden eggs.

With what?

With a super high-powered speed boat, and a crane with a hook attached for fishing and building the tower.

If you enjoy madcap adventures, do not hesitate to take the controls of our character Dundee the Mad Crocodile.

Good luck!!!

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