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Drawn to Life

Get arty. Save your town.

A shadow-like evil has covered the Raposas' village with darkness. Even worse, it has stolen the sun, mon, sky, and much more. You can help save the Raposas' dying village and rebuild it back to greatness by creating a Hero!

Create a Hero and fly, run, jump, swim, or smash your way through new worlds and against dangerous enemies. Complete your adventure by creating weapons, tools, animals, plants, and almost everything in the game. Play as your creations and conquer a variety of environments, including snowy fields, tropical islands, and dark forests.

Drawn to Life is truly the first video game in which the stylus is mightier than the sword!


  • Draw your own Hero and customize the Drawn to Life world: Three different hero characters, 15 different vehicles such as sled, rocket, and submarine, and unique items for your hero such as weapons, wings, and scuba gear
  • Enjoy the ultimate freedom to design and create: Robust drawing tools provide you with many colors, brush types, guides and stamps. Customize a templatized hero, quickly draw a simple figure, or spend time working on the minor details of your masterpiece.
  • Swap your creations with friends via multicard play. Trade heroes, village items and hero accessories with friends who have the game too!
  • Extensive action/adventure gameplay: Four unique worlds, each with a different style of play including swimming and flying. There are 16 levels with 50 stages, and more than 15 hours of gameplay
  • Richly interactive village features snowball fights, a festival, wishing wells, and an item shop where you can purchase unique combat moves, drawings and music.


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