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Ante Up: Texas Hold em

Four player fun as the Casino comes to you! Get Ante Up: Texas Hold'em and play the road to riches!

It's time to let your inner gambler get a turn at the table. While poker has always been a part of our Western culture, Texas Hold’em has brought the game to the masses, whether on TV or in casinos, with its ease and accessibility.

Ante Up: Texas Hold’em offers the game in portable form with realistic mechanics and a compelling story to keep you stimulated and playing for hours. The game is graphically superb and the players are realistic portrayals of uncanny casino characters. Choose an undercover vice cop who practices what he patrols or perhaps an aspiring actress that has a daring streak. Twelve characters in all round out the cast. Best of all, the game is based on the authenticity of poker and the algorithms that produce a natural falling of the cards. You’ll swear you’re in Vegas facing the pressure of making a call or daring a bluff while your money sweats it out on the table. So Ante Up to Texas Hold’em and give your gambling instincts a ride.

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