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I Love Beauty: Hollywood Makeover

The Glamorous life awaits!

The Stars in Hollywood know where to go to make them look their best. Now you will too! Meet them all as you’re styling their hair and applying the perfect lipstick and eye-shadow. Don’t stop there, they need your help choosing the right accessories for a Hollywood movie premier. Does that necklace go with those earrings? Paint their fingernails to match their outfit for that perfect look for either the big night out on the Sunset strip or shopping on Rodeo Drive. It’s all up to you to decide. Get to know all of the famous stars and find out how they liked your job.


• 36 different make-ups
• Test your skill in three challenging styling competitions in Contest mode.
• Compete in 21 make-up & hair styling mini games with over 100 variations.
• Choose the right accessories; earrings, necklaces, etc. for the best look.

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