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Drawsome Tablet

Discover an innovative tablet that will enhance your creativity and send you on fun, family-friendly adventures!

The Drawsome Tablet features a large 8.5-inch screen and comes bundled with two games:

Drawsome Artist game: Discover the world of imagination with countless art tools and techniques, featuring The Smurfs! Express your creativity, hone your artistic skills and share your masterpieces.

Drawsome Sketch Quest game: Embark on an adventure to save PaperCity! A platforming game where 1 person draws platforms, shields, escape routes, etc. and up to 3 friends use Wii remotes to guide their characters through the world using those drawn items.


* Large 8.5inch Screen is the biggest screen on the market
* Wireless stylus for unrestricted drawing movement
* Drawsome Artist and Drawsome Sketch Quest are included
* Upload art to SD card and share with friends and family

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