Available Now Coming Oct 17, 2006
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Nintendo DS
ESRB: Everyone 10 and older
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In Contact, you'll become a direct part of your role-playing. A Professor's damaged spaceship crash lands on a mysterious planet. He discovers that the power sources ofhis ship, known as Cells, have been scattered across the world. To retrieve them all, The Professor enlists a brave young man named Terry -- and a brave video game player known as you! The Professor and Terry will ask for your help during the course of the adventure, using the Nintendo DS to "contact" you along the way.


• Abundant gameplay activities including animal-training, item-collecting, monster-hunting, and old-school mini-games
• Dual-screen functionality with mission maps, interior/exterior viewpoints, and more
• Real-time combat with special abilities and powerful Decal Attacks

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Nintendo DS
Release Date
Oct 17, 2006
No. of Players
up to 8 players
Grasshopper Manufacture Inc.
ESRB: Everyone 10 and older
Comic Mischief, Mild Cartoon Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes
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