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Children of Mana Box Art
  • Children of Mana

    ESRB E 10+

    Nintendo DS


Team up with elemental spirits, attack enemies with a sword, hammer, flail or bow, and unleash the magical power of more than 180 collectible gems.

In the center of the world, the legendary Mana Trees, sheltering all beneath its mighty, speading limbs. But now, something sinister has happened. Having grown too strong, the Mana Tree's tremendous power surges across the world, corrupting all that it touches. It is up to four bold heroes to undertake a daring journey through scorching deserts and icy wastes to drive the forces of malice from the world!

Square Enix’s classic series looks absolutely beautiful on the DS. Dual screens means maps and key info are always available at a glance at the bottom screen. And thanks to wireless local play, as many as four friends can team up for an exciting adventure!

Never a company to rest on its laurels, Square Enix takes one of gaming’s most beloved franchises to a new level. A sinuous storyline, radiant art, brilliant use of dual screens, the engrossing gem system and the multiplayer free-for-alls propel the Mana series’ eagerly awaited DS debut into instant-classic territory.

The Heroes

Each hero provides a unique gameplay experience. You’ll want to try them all!

Ferrik A youth who lost his family in the cataclysm. Stout-hearted and generally dependable, but with a brash and reckless side. Well-balanced.

Tamber An experienced dancer and acrobat, Tamber lost her family in the cataclysm. She has not lost her strong sense of duty, though. Good all-around capabilities, but slightly better at magic than physical attacks.

Poppen Fearless despite having to grow up on his own, this diminutive mage regards Ferrik and Tamber as his true brother and sister. Strong magic skills, but can be quite vulnerable in close contact.

Wanderer A cheerful member of the niccolo folk, Wanderer has taken a special liking to Illusia. A big and big-hearted soul, he excels at physical combat, but struggles with magic.

Elemental Spirits

A greatly admired tradition of the Mana series, these powerful allies unleash fearsome magic upon your foes and bestow helpful magic on you. Great partners, they’re always ready with a friendly piece of advice, too. Experiment to see which one you prefer.


The sword, hammer, flail and bow are used in physical attacks. You can assign two to your A and X buttons. When powered up (press and hold the weapon’s button), they perform unusual feats. For example, the flail can grab items seemingly out of reach on the far side of hazardous spikes, while the bow plays music that lulls nearby enemies!

Gem Frame

You’ll find magical gems during your adventures. A gem’s color indicates how it helps you. For example, red gems enhance your physical attacks, orange gems affect things you acquire in battle, and blue gems typically upgrade your elemental spirit’s capabilities. Gems, which vary in size, are only effective if placed in the limited real estate of your gem frame. Choose carefully!

Drop by the by the Bilbo Bros.’ shop in Mana Village to fuse gems. You can get some very powerful combinations!

Social Networking in Dungeons

Tough dungeon getting you down? Then invite friends along on your search-and-rescue-the-Mana-Tree expedition. Perhaps the greatest innovation of this installment of the Mana series is allowing as many as four players to advance the story and solve quests together while maintaining the feel of an action RPG. Players' actions affect each other in a gameplay experience that brings an exciting new energy to the genre!

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Game Details
  • Platform Nintendo DS
  • Release Date Oct 30, 2006
  • No. of Players up to 4 players
  • Category Action, Role-Playing
  • PublisherNintendo
  • DeveloperSquare Enix
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