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Pandora's Tower Box Art

Pandora's Tower

ESRB: Teen

Throughout the land rumors run rampant of a terrible curse that transforms its victims into beasts. Those afflicted with the curse are said to bear a curious mark, as if their skin has somehow been branded. Time passes painfully for those unfortunate souls, and should enough time pass, they will never be able to return to human form again.

During the annual Harvest Festival the curse strikes once more, this time sealing the fate of the most innocent of persons— a young maiden named Elena. With little chance of a normal future, her only hope lies with a former soldier of Athos, Aeron, and the gruesome remedy purported to break the curse. This desperate cure lies within a great chasm known as The Scar, where Thirteen Towers, suspended in the middle of the valley by twelve chains connected to the surrounding cliffs, hold terrifying beasts. It is upon the grotesque flesh of these beasts that Elena must feed in order to escape her doom.

Armed with the Oraclos Chain, Aeron scours the towers, searching for the fiends known as masters that might save the woman he loves.

Pandora’s Tower tells a haunting tale about a cursed young woman’s slow transformation into a hideous beast, and the lengths to which the man she loves will go in order to save her. Aeron must brave the Thirteen Towers, which are suspended in the middle of a valley by chains connected to surrounding cliffs, and use his magical Oraclos Chain weapon to retrieve “master flesh,” the flesh of the giant monsters that reside within each tower, which he must feed to Elena in order to reverse her transformation. Aeron’s interactions with Elena during their time together have a direct impact on the story, as the strength of their bond will determine which of the multiple endings is achieved.

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Release Date
Apr 16, 2013
No. of Players
1 player
ESRB: Teen
Blood and Gore, Mild Suggestive Themes, Violence
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