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Little King's Story

It's good to be the king!

One day a timid young boy discovers a mysterious crown and suddenly finds himself king. Use your newfound power of persuasion to charm, coerce, or just force the citizens of your kingdom to do your bidding. Find treasure, slay dragons, and expand the boundaries of your kingdom as you march towards your goal of absolute domination of the world!

• People Power - With 14 different job classes to choose from, no task is beyond your ability to order someone else to do it.

• Being a kind King - Any good king puts the welfare of his subjects before himself (at times, at least), so help your villagers by accepting some of their requests.

• World Domination - Go forth and do battle with over 15 different bosses; from mighty kings to irritating pests that are keeping you from expanding your kingdom as you see fit.

• A Queen fit for a King - Choose your own true love from seven princesses. Woo them by catering to their every whim, or just close your eyes and pick one at random.

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