Available Now Coming Nov 23, 2009
Harvest Moon: My Little Shop Box Art

Harvest Moon: My Little Shop

ESRB: Everyone

Welcome to Clover Town!

Welcome to Clover Town! You've just taken over your grandparents' farm and shop. The town has fallen on hard times, though. People are leaving, businesses are struggling, and the magic of the Harvest Sprites is gone. Can you turn Clover Town's fortunes around and restore its missing magic? Raise crops and animals, then use what you farm at your shop! Keep your customers happy by making wild fruit juices, towering ice cream cones, and extravagantly decorated eggs in a series of fun and fast-paced activities that use the Wii Remote controller to its fullest potential. Chop vegetables in midair, shake your Wii Remote controller to match your cow's moves, roll eggs through tilting mazes, and more! Use your hard-earned money to buy new crops and animals, and expand and decorate your shop. Along the way, you'll meet and befriend lots of new and interesting characters, as well as more than a few familiar faces from the Harvest Moon series!

Add-on Content Price
(Wii Points)
Juice Bar Set 400 11/23/09
Egg Stand Set 400 12/14/09
Ice Cream Set 400 1/11/10
New Friends Set 400 1/25/10

In-game content available for purchase using stored account funds.

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Release Date
Nov 23, 2009
No. of Players
1 player
ESRB: Everyone
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