Available Now Coming Nov 23, 2010
Disney Tangled: The Video Game Box Art

Disney Tangled: The Video Game

ESRB: Everyone
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Join Rapunzel and Flynn on a hair-raising adventure inspired by the new Disney film!


• Experience an action-packed world inspired by the movie
• Swing, twirl, and climb with Rapunzel
• Duel as Flynn and find buried treasure
• Engage in 2-4 player co-op
• Ride horses and navigate through underground caves
• Paint the Tower’s murals and Flynn’s wanted posters
• Explore on your own with the split screen feature
• Use “Hold My Hand” option to guide other players

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Release Date
Nov 23, 2010
No. of Players
up to 4 players
Disney Interactive
ESRB: Everyone
Cartoon Violence
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