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Black and white go with anything.

Polarium mixes way-cool gameplay with an electronica soundtrack for the trippiest experience yet on the DS. It's the first game that would look cool at a rave.

This fascinating game has the cachet to lure anyone looking for a good time as well as diehard gamers. Keep your eye on Polarium.


  • Sleek, black-and-white design
  • Use a stylus to flip tiles to create rows that match
  • Custom and regular Puzzle mode
  • Wireless multiplayer mode

If you mark a tile with your stylus, it will flip from black to white or vice versa. If you mark an entire row, column or block of tiles, they'll flip individually.

The object is to make room for tiles falling from the top screen by clearing rows of tiles below. You do this by flipping the tiles to make rows that are all black or all white.

Gray neutral tiles surround the playing area, so you can flip disconnected groups of tiles. The gray tiles are particularly helpful in Puzzle mode, where you’re challenged to eliminate all black or white tiles without lifting your stylus once. Polarium comes with 100 puzzles. You can also build your own custom puzzles and send them to a fellow night-clubber with a tap of the stylus.

Play wireless multiplayer matches against a friend; as you clear lines, they'll appear on your opponent's screen, which is visible to you on the upper screen of your DS. Clear lines with "?"s on them to get power-ups that make your lines clear faster, block out your foe's border, reverse his or her tiles, and more.

A hypnotic electronic score gives the game the sleek appeal of a high-end fashion show. Polarium is definitely the game to play while you’re waiting to get into that Ibiza nightclub.

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