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Explore, mine, and craft a variety of traps in this adventure+tower defense game to protect a cradle from the Aggressors that come out at night.

This is the Crafting × Tower Defense game you have been looking for. Gather materials and items to upgrade your base and protect a cradle after civilization collapses.

Mine and explore in caves
In The Caves, you can mine randomly generated resources that are used to craft traps and blocks. Venture deeper and deeper to find a number of rare materials and secrets.

Craft the perfect defense
In your base, you can craft dozens of facilities and traps to repel approaching enemies. Mix and match the attributes of each trap to counter each attacker's behavior and survive one more day.

Immersive story
Dive deeper and survive longer to uncover pieces of the truth. Find out what happened to cause the destruction of the world and the origin of our little robot!

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30 septiembre 2021
Un jugador
Simulación, Estrategia
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345 MB
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Japonés, Coreano, Chino, Inglés
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TV mode

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Juega en línea, accede a clásicos juegos de Super NES™ y mucho más con la suscripción a Nintendo Switch Online.

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