Frequently Asked Questions


  • What’s included with the Nintendo Switch system?
  • Do I need to buy anything extra to play with my friends and family?
  • Can I earn My Nintendo™ points on Nintendo Switch games?


  • Can I play with my friends online? How about locally?
  • Can I use my amiibo accessories?
  • Can I watch movies or browse the web on Nintendo Switch?
  • How long will my Nintendo Switch battery last?
  • How much storage does it come with, and can I upgrade?
  • Where can I find more details about the hardware?

Games & Accessories

  • Can I play my old games on Nintendo Switch?
  • What controllers work with Nintendo Switch?
  • Where can I buy games for my Nintendo Switch?

Parental Controls

  • Are Parental Controls available for the Nintendo Switch console?
  • What is the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls™ app?

Online Service

  • What's included in the online service?
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