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Play the multi-award winning Trading Card Game!

Epic battles await: Take the role of a powerful magic hero and play the multi-award winning Trading Card Game, now on Nintendo Switch.

With hundreds of cards available, each deck is unique and represents your personal play-style. Collect and trade cards to become the ultimate hero of Tantos.

It’s up to you to decide the future of Tantos! Start your legend today!

• DISCOVER the magical WORLD of TANTOS with its magnificent mythology and breath-taking imagery.
• CHOOSE your HERO from more than 100 in six different classes, to match your own deck and play style.
• FAST, TACTICAL GAMEPLAY – easy to play, takes skill to master.
• CARDS with unique rotating mechanics: damage and healing over time.
• MASTER powerful combo cards and multiple orders.
• IMMERSE yourself in the thrilling lore and intriguing magical set up.
• PLAY with digital cards or scan* physical cards into your digital collection to level-up and play them digitally for free!

Are you ready to start your quest?

*Scanning physical cards requires account link to internet-enabled mobile device with camera.

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Release date:
Jan 10, 2019
2 players alternating
Strategy, Multiplayer, Board Game
PlayFusion Ltd.
Game file size:
122 MB
Supported Languages:
Supported Play Modes:
TV mode

TV mode

Tabletop mode

Tabletop mode

Handheld mode

Handheld mode


Lightseekers Adventure Pack


The world of Tantos is full of many wonders and treasures, but none more coveted than the Lightstone, which offers untold power to those who wield it.

Now, with the Lightseekers Adventure Pack, you can venture forth into the caverns of the Steadfast Peaks to get your hands on this source of endless power. Prepare yourself with 3 booster packs and embark on a new adventure!

Lightseekers Adventure Pack Contents:

- Brand New Adventure Campaign
- 3 Booster Packs, containing 1 guaranteed rare card in each!

Grab the Lightseekers Adventure Pack and prepare yourself for an adventure into the world of Tantos!

Lightseekers Fast Start Pack


Get the best start to your new trading card adventure with this Lightseekers Fast Start Pack, adding the following benefits to the base Lightseekers game:

Fast Start Deck - A full, pre-built Dread deck of 36 cards built around a strategy of bringing cards back into play! Ready for battle, or use in new decks of your own. Includes hero, 4 rare and 7 uncommon cards. Full deck breakdown below.

Bonus Adventure - An exclusive additional adventure to grow your strategy and deck building skills, granting in-game rewards to boost your collection! Playable only on Nintendo Switch™ with this pack.

Double XP until Level 20 - rocket your progress with twice the XP rewards until you reach Level 20 in the game. Bonus only on Nintendo Switch™ with this pack.

Exclusive Playmat & Cardback - Stand out from the crowd, you can’t get these anywhere else! Exclusive playmat and cardback available only when playing on Nintendo Switch™ with this pack.

The Fast Start Deck contains the following cards:

Hero card:
1x Virila

Combo cards:
1x Drain Life (Uncommon)
1x Death Shroud
1x Devour Soul
1x Sickly Touch
1x Withering

Poison cards:
1x Haunting Dreadling (Rare)
1x Assassins’ Guild (Uncommon)
2x Covetous Shade
2x Spectral Widow
1x Lurking Horror

Death cards:
1x Sacrificial Pit (Rare)
1x Venom Feeder (Rare)
1x Wall of Bonus (Uncommon)
1x Umbron Terrorguard (Uncommon)
1x Sacred Mausoleum (Uncommon)
2x Shambler
2x Bone Reaper
1x Fallen Guardian
1x Barrenwood Butcher

Shadow cards:
1x Conclave Spy (Rare)
1x Plague Bringer (Uncommon)
3x Shadow Puppet
1x Bloodpact Redeemer
1x Shadow Supplier

Unaligned cards:
1x Colossi Sky Beam
2x Umbron Barkeep
1x Umbron Thief
1x Shield Wall